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NVMe for Raspberry Pi (5)

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Project Notes

Author: Patrick Wallner

The repository idea is based on giving as much help as possible to have an easy start.

Please see below for instructions on how to install the associated utils.

Table of Contents

Why GPTconverter

Most of the images are preparted with MBR and therefore are limited to 2TB. This simple script converts to GPT and therefore there is no 2TB limit anymore (ok, there is a 18EB limit).


⚠️ Cause of lacking of time, this is only tested on my Rpi5 with latest Bookworm!

One simple step:

1a. Connect to your device via SSH and type the following command to download and execute GPT converter.

sudo -i
bash <(curl -s


1b. Alternative you can download and execute the script

chmod +x
sudo ./

How to use GPT converter

  1. Boot your pi with a SD card and already installed NVMe, and install an image with imager on the rpi desktop, you can also make the settings (e.g. username, password, wifi, …)
  2. Make sure with raspi-config the boot order is B1: SD Card Boot Boot from SD card if available, otherwise boot from NVMe.
  3. Power off the system and remove SD card and power on again
  4. After the pi has booted and everything runs well (e.g. wifi connection), power off again and insert SD card again
  5. Power on and wait system is ready
  6. Run the command as descripted in section “Install” in the commandline
  7. Power off the system and remove the SD, reboot to NVMe again and be happy

Support my work

I’m a working single dad and this is only my hobby which I did in my rare free time. So I really appreciate if you make a small donation to let me buy some sweets for my son!

"Buy Me A Coffee" Support via PayPal Donate


NVMe does not exist!
xxx is mounted!
System needs firstly a boot from NVMe, remove SD and reboot, then poweroff, insert SD again and run this script again ...
Unsupported partition table type!
GPTconverter doesn't work